Match Reports

Match Reports

Mini section report Sunday 11th October
Following on from last weeks victorious matches at Hackney RFC, Pinner & Grammarians welcomed squads from Ealing RFC. On an unexpected bright autumnal morning over 120 young players and numerous coaches trained on the now softened pitches at Shaftesbury playing fields home of Pinner & Grammarians RFC. Ealing, hosting a festival had requested that they would like to join P&G with a number of teams who were not representing their club this Sunday. Yet again, as hosts, P&G made all welcome and provided well planned and executed training sessions for age ranges.
 Under 10’s
After warm up sessions P&G coaches delivered a number of training exercises; splitting into two mixed sections, players were involved in speed passing through obstacles and working in fours attacking tackle bags with quick handling and ‘pop’ passing techniques, these sessions were extended when P&G first team player/coach Stephen Devine ran short cross passing exercises which had all players constantly on the move and trying to pass whilst avoiding other players; a very useful technique that coaches from both clubs will use in the future.
Following a short water and ‘orange smiley’ break the two teams took to the pitch. From the refs whistle Pinner attacked the ball with great determination and took advantage from excellent rucking and mauling, taking the ball deep into the oppositions half. The forwards battled hard to keep the ball flowing and swift passing through to the centres allowed Ben Stone to drive through the defence and score the first try. The same commitment was seen when from the restart, Pinner defended in numbers and some outstanding tackling from Dylan Kelly and Luis Quisbert Davies prevented Ealing from making the distance they had hoped to gain. Following a knock on, a scrum was awarded with Pinner having the put in. Pinner scrum half, Sam Marchant quickly took the ball and seeing space ran, shaking off a series of tackles to the opposition line for a second try. The game continued to ebb and flow in both halves with Pinner becoming more dominant towards the end of the first half. The second half picked up where the first had finished with P&G taking command of any loose ball and running hard at the defence. The scrum, with a new hooker, Jacob Talbot gelled well together and proved a mighty force, winning all of the scrums and allowing players Brendan Machell and Iain Wheeler to pass the ball efficiently to Kai Gordon who ran in the third try. Momentum was maintained when the ball fed from the scrum by the scrum half was quickly passed to Ryan Healy who showed his speed and agility to pass several of the Ealing players to score P&G’s fourth try. At the final whistle, Pinner under 10’s showed how they had developed as a team and gave a rousing three cheers to their opponents. P&G 4 – Ealing 0
The second match saw a strengthened Ealing side against a changed Pinner team, the great turn out by under 10’s again, allowed the coaches to rotate players and give the new comers an experience of playing in match conditions. The game appeared to be more hard and physical than the first with Ealing winning the scrums and controlling a lot of ball on the halfway line. The players showed good team spirit and helped players new to the game get involved. Such players as Rachel O’Riordan, currently the lone girl in the under 10’s squad came onto the pitch ready to show she was as good as any other player and proceeded to take the ball from opposition players with gutsy determination. The rotation of players brought on Louis George and Findlay Schofield who slotted into wing and fullback respectively, each getting involved in the game with quick passing and strong tackling, with the introduction of Brandon Cotter, Jerico Hesse and Paul Nash into the pack the game took on a different direction, Pinner appeared to grow in strength and stature and made crunching tackles and showed a willingness to retrieve the ball at every opportunity. Following same intense tackling, Sam Marchant was able to get his hands on the ball and with his speed run to the line to score the only try of the game. P&G 1- Ealing 0
The games were played in great spirit and the match Referee Clyde Gordon showed again what a valuable asset he is both to the game of rugby and especially to Pinner & Grammarians; talking with both players and touchline spectators alike, what decisions were made, for what reason and always with the animation we have grown to appreciate.

Under 9’s
At home on a lovely fresh day pitches were set out early so as soon as the opposition arrived we were ready to go. The U9s are becoming a very confident team now all players willing to tackle or run forward and then support the play, well done this week everyone parents included for a full team turn out.

We started with a warm up followed by some games of tag bulldog then moved onto contact bulldog which is the one the Pinner players love to get involved in. Next we moved to some rugby played on your knees, to encourage the players to go low for the tackles, the play gradually progressed until we were standing up playing a game of 4 on 4 in a small grid making all the players work hard to prevent the tries.

Finally it was time to get into our teams, a quick team talk then we were off, some excellent close contact play with plenty of tackles made this a game to savour the whole team were working with each other, especially at the back where Matthew and Morgan had been assigned a new role as covering tacklers, being the last man for the team and they both did it so well, their tackles were positive low around the legs and saved around 5 possible tries against us. By the end of the game the score stood at 4-2 in Pinner’s favour.

The second game saw the same commitment from the team working hard all the way through the game, we had a lot of team changes during this game so as give everyone a game, which did prevent the team gelling as well as the previous game, which did sadly show at the final score this time the scores were reversed 4-2 in Ealing’s favour. But a great effort from all the players so a big well done. A comment that was passed to me from the Ealing coaches was that the Pinner teams tackling was exceptional, getting low into the tackles on most occasions, so Pinner keep it up, or should l say low!  

Paul PB.


Under 8’s


Coaches from both Pinner & Grammarians and Ealing joined forces on Sunday morning to share good practice and tactics during practice sessions. Techniques in tagging and passing were on the agenda, with an emphasis on listening to instructions, something that does need work on by some players! Both sets of players trained well together before they engaged in two well played matches. The first match had Pinner & Grammarians coming out winners 4-3, the second game was won by Ealing 6-4. All players gave their best and demonstrated good team work and judging by the smiles thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

report: Bert

Under 7’s

Ealing came over to Pinner with 12 players to boost our numbers significantly. The training session consisted of some highly competitive shuttle races, focusing on handling skills and scoring tries, over the try line. Time for well deserved oranges at 11am.  After a few games of bulldog, which trains players on defensive position and tagging, we moved onto working with 4 players per side practicing attacking and defending in a game environment.  The final session got every single player involved in a great game, there were plenty of tries and the final score was a well deserved draw with both teams getting 4 tries, Wasps 4 Tigers 4.  All players worked hard for the 2 hour session and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.


report: Andy Nash
an email received from Ealing Coach

Andy – thanks very much for the session this morning. The children (and I) really enjoyed it, had a good time, and I thought a really beneficial training session this morning. We really appreciated the welcome and hospitality today.All the best over the season.Regards,




Greg Under 7’s Coach Ealing RFC 

















































































































Sunday 4th October

Mini section visit Hackney RFC

On Sunday Pinner & Grammarians ventured out and visited Hackney RFC, this was the first time that as a club we had travelled to the other side of London to take part in a triangular fixture. A big thank you to all of the parents who made the long journey and judging by the positive comments it was a successful expedition! I gather that the hot buttered toast was a winner.
The training took place in Cissold Park, used by all the local community and although there wasn’t a clubhouse, Hackney provided space and refreshments for the players at the end of the session before all had to dash off so they didn’t get a parking ticket – Arsenal FC were playing at home and therefore this appears to give football supporters priority over committed rugby players and parents!
Also P&G were joined by Kilburn Cosmos who trained with both clubs.
Under 10’s
A tremendous turn out by under 10 players meant that we had almost twice as many players as the other two clubs, we were able to rotate substitutes throughout the two matches and this proved our strength. In the first game (on a smaller pitch than we are used to) P&G players passes the ball quickly and effectively and their tackling was hard and made the opposition players of Hackney wonder what had hit them. A new scrummage  front row worked hard at each scrum, securing the ball to the excellent scrum half player – Sam Merchant, who not only was quick to get the ball but aware that there was space to go blind side and score a try. Great quick passing saw the ball pass through the hands of Jacob, Ian, Kae and then onto Dylan who, when tackled, took the ball to ground to be given great support from the pack and present the ball for Sam to score in the corner.

The second half continued in the same manner, P&G defending with force and for once no offside were given away – showing that as a group of players they were concentrating and working as a team. Unfortunately, one of the quicker players from Hackney proved a little elusive for our defence and scored within the last few moments of the game. Final score P&G 2 Hackney RFC 1

The second match P&G faced was against a Kilburn side with a few Hackney players to make up the numbers. The game was very well contested and P&G played players new to the game in the first half, all of them took an active role and were helped by the more established players. Again, the game ebbed and flowed throughout both halves, great defending and running into the limited space allowed the team to spend most of the time in the oppositions half. The most impressive thing that supporters and parents could see was how well the team worked together, supporting each other throughout the game, it was not a surprise when we scored first; again fantastic play from the likes of Ryan, Lewis, Paul, Louis, Thomas, Jericho, Brenden and Findlay.  Despite some great defending Kilburn were able to level the score from a line out, something as a team we will need to work on in the coming weeks.




Overall the players played as a complete team, they showed great discipline, commitment and there were smiles all round. Well done to you all, a great performance




Sunday 27th September

Pinner & Grammarians hosted a training session with Twickenham RFC on Sunday morning as the sun brought a smile to the early risers. The pitches, although a little hard under foot were in perfect condition despite the first team playing on them the previous day. Each age section had a good number of children and coaches were full of praise for all those who attended from both clubs as a great atmosphere of fun, learning and playing took place.
The smell of the bacon rolls wafted across the ground and as one visiting parent remarked; it was lovely to have a coffee in a real mug not the usual polystyrene, and the fact you could get a refill at no extra cost was fantastic. This was the first time Twickenham had visited P&G and the positive remarks from both coaches and parents about the friendliness and commitment to having fun means that this will be a regular fixture despite the distance that was travelled.


The triangular training games (10 players per side) saw Pinner’s combined U11/U12 squad playing our visitors Twickenham’s U11s who formed 2 even sides. The initial game was close and well contested with Pinner winning by 3 scores to one (A. Stone (2) G. Sanders ) The second match was even closer and only excellent defensive work by the whole Pinner team kept Twickenham at bay with Pinner eventually running out winners by 2 scores to nil (A. Stone, Carl Laughna). All of the coaches felt it was an excellent work out and the running rugby played by both sides bodes well for both teams in the season ahead.



After the warm up session both teams combined together to play some starter activities. Most popular was the ‘touch’ bulldog, a regular feature for Pinner, judging by the enthusiasm by Twickenham it will become part of their training sessions.

The skills based session was led by visiting coach Richard who got the players to pass and defend the ball using defence pads and the scrum half calling looping directions – it seems a little confusing on paper, and in truth required the Pinner coaches to break it down into smaller steps so that all players from both teams understood what they were required to do. In the end, split into two ‘packs’ the players flowed with the ball and movement both in defence and attack looked fluid and ball handling skills were improving as the session continued.

After a break of water and orange slices the two teams prepared to play a game. Pinner, who where a player short owing to an injury faced a well organised Twickenham side. Pinner defended attack after attack in the first half, with Twickenham using the strength and power of one particular player; although the ref did have to warn him about fending off and using the elbow on a few occasions (well spotted Clyde!) by half time Twickenham were one try up

The second half saw a Pinner team come out with a real desire to win, with a change in personal in the scrum; Thomas Matthews playing hooker for the first time, Sam in his role as scrum half managed to control the scrum despite some severe pushing from Twickenham. This commitment was seen by all the team, great tackling by Brenden, who has only just started playing and driving runs by Ben Stone enabled Pinner to equal with an excellent try by the previously mentioned Ben Stone. In the final play of the game a Twickenham scrum drove over the line to make the final result 2 tries to 1 to Twickenham (although the Pinner coach did mention the 1.5 metre rule!)







Sunday 19th April

Pinner mini section welcomed Egham for the final fixture of the season on a bright and sunny morning.  Pitch conditions were ideally suited for some fast running rugby and that is just what both eager sides offered up.  A mix of under 12’s and 11’s on each team saw Pinner demonstrate just how far they have advanced through the season, proving far too strong for Egham running in six fabulous tries in the opening match to only one in reply from Egham.
Adam Stone shone for the U11’s while Callum George excelled at scrum half again showing just how much he had benefitted from his Thursday session with the 1st XV training squad.  The pick of the tries must go to Piers Marx-Carr who caught an Egham kick off and ran the length of the pitch to score with ease.  Other try scorers were Adam Trethaway, Bradley Gilroy and Bradley
To Egham’s credit they made the second game a far closer contest as the Pinner boys all sought individual glory and tired towards the end.  Pinner eventually ran out winners by 5 tries to 3.
A fitting end to what has been a challenging yet rewarding season for all the U12s.  Well done to you all and here’s to Youth Rugby next season. 
Doj & John
Sunday 5th April
Staines Festival Under 8’sWe all managed to get to the ground on time and were able to get together to build our little encampment before the first game. The players were all keen to hit the field and for the first time in a long time we could field a substitute as we had our new player Matthew and we were welcoming back Kieran after recovering from his broken arm.First game we played was a 10.45 kickoff; we were set against Farnborough RFC whom we had never met before, but as soon as the whistle blew the U8’s set about the competition. With a few end to end scores which were disallowed on both sides through a very stringent referee, we finally got on the scorecard only to let Farnborough straight back, first half 1 – 1. Second half saw some great moves with tries being run in all over the field, last move of the game saw Pinner down 4 – 3, Joshua PB made a darting run for the corner scoring what was a game tying try however the referee saw it differently and said no try even though the photographic proof was there. So sadly we lost the game 4 tries to 3 but what an effort. So players remember the referee is right, even when he’s wrong!The Second game saw us face up against a team we’d played at home only a few weeks before Hackney Bulls. The game was a thrilling end to end game with so much of the play in the midfield with tag after tag going in, after a concerted first half the score was 2 – 2. Into the second half when given an opportunity close to the Hackney line we brought into play the trickster move which we’d worked on for the last few weeks, this a start pass to Joshua who runs forward across field the rest of the team run in flat then as Josh reaches Sam they do a sneaky reverse pass and the play switches to the opposite direction, which worked a treat as Sam was in uncontested for a try, keep a look out for this move next season it should work even better, after all the fun of this end to end game sadly we were tied 4 – 4, but knew we’d play well.The third game saw us against the big team of the day Bank of England. We were now on the opposite pitch to where we were playing next to the Pinner encampment, the whistle blew and the crowd went wild, well a couple did. This again was an end to end exchange of speed with tag after tag slowing down the attacks from both sides. The scores were tit for tat, we then used the trickster again yes it worked again try scored, the game continued at such a pass even l was tired U8’s were working there socks off the score was 5-5 Pinner got another chance to use the now legendary Trickster move and another try scored, into the last move of the game BofE had the ball and managed to slip over into the corner to tie the game 6 -6.After a fantastic few games were unable to progress any further the tournament. Myself and all the parents there, would like to say that the U8’s played a very high standard of Tag Rugby which was a joy to watch.Scorers of the day are: Sam 6, Joshua 3, Adam, Pramila, Mike & Maisie all got 1 Paul Parker-Brice



Under 12’s







Many thanks to Staines RFC who hosted a terrific Mini sections Rugby Festival last Sunday.  A much improved Pinner U12s team assembled and put in some sterling performances against adversaries who had previously out-played us recently.  As anticipated, in the opening game Staines were a well drilled outfit and proved worthy opponents for Pinner bursting out of the blocks to run in two tries in the first half through some slick handling and strong running.  Pinner never allowed their heads to drop and forced Staines on to the back foot for much of the second half scoring a deserved try through the fine running of Adam Rees.  A 14 – 7 loss was no disgrace.  Prop forward Ryan Beaumont stood out while Ben George’s tackling made him the pick of the backs.
There was little respite for the Pinner boys as they went straight into a second match against Hammersmith & Fulham. Despite falling behind to an early try Pinner fought well and some quick thinking by Harrison Davies and Callum George from a cleverly engineered 22 drop out led to a ’score’; only to be disallowed by the referee.  The disappointment of losing such a close match did not detract from a fine team performance.
The final fixture saw Pinner outplay Hackney with a score in each half by the fast improving Bradley (? tall new lad) and Bradley Gilroy, both converted by Harrison Davies.  Matthew Andreou and Liam O’Riordan are deserving of a mention on what was an exhausting though rewarding day for the U12s.  Well done to all the boys.
report: Doj                  

Sunday 29th March


Under 8’s, 9’s and 10’s away @ Twickenham RFC Sunday 29th March

Under 8’s

The U8s played well on a small pitch, continuing a good level of tag training ready for the festival next week. They played a game which they were the unfortunate losers with 4 tries to 3. All had fun and enjoyed their burgers.

Report: Paul Parker-Brice

Under 9’s

Pinner & Grammarians travelled away to our good friends at Twickenham this Sunday. We were met with good weather, a little bit of sun, no wind and to our surprise another rugby club; Weybridge RFC to complete in a three way contest.

The first part of the session was set training drills led by Twickenham coaches with Pinner and Weybridge assisting with bag and rucking exercises, fast passing in team play and mini five on five games.

After a short water break the three way competitions started. First up were Pinner against Weybridge. Owing to an injuring, Pinner were down a player at the start but as a team they rallied round and put in a tremendous performance, tackling low and hard and turning  over the ball almost every time. The support play and passing was excellent, within four minutes after ripping the ball from a very big Weybridge forward, it was passed along the line and out to the wing who ran it in at pace to score our first try. The game was evenly balanced for the remainder of the half and Pinner went to half time leading. The second half was dominated by hard tackling and driving the ball forward and even though both Weybridge and Pinner came close to scoring the terrific defences cancelled each other out. A mention here should go to Findlay Schofield and Owen James, although both the smallest on the pitch tackled the hardest, taking on the big forwards without any fear and with great success.

Pinner & Grammarians 1 Weybridge 0

The second match between Pinner and Twickenham was a fast paced game, with the ball being passed into space and allowing the wingers to show their turn of speed. After some great inter play the ball was passed to Ollie (substitute player – Twickenham) who after some very neat side steps dived over the line to score a try. The first half saw Pinner dominate play and with confidence growing played a flowing game and used the centre of the pitch to drive the ball forward creating space to pass to the wings. The second half started with a burst of action with Ben Stone managing to run through the Twickenham defence and score a try in the corner. Further pressure saw Pinner put into to place many of the training exercises they have been working on and through precise passing managed to put the ball over the line to score the third try. Some very brave tackling took place throughout the game with Dillon Kelly stopping a potential try at the last play of the game.

Pinner & Grammarians 3 Twickenham 0

Report: Paul Talbot

Under 10’s

The U10s had three good training sessions and then went on to play a modified 7s game in readiness for Twickenham 7s Festival in May. The players all got on well and they have offered to help boost our numbers to make a Babar team next season.

Report: Martin Graves

Under 11’s

The Under 11s Babar (with Hackney) played at Wasps at the U11s & U12s Middlesex County Midi Rugby Festival 2009. They played three games – the first was against Twickenham with a 3 scores to 1 against us; the second against Wasps won 1 score to 0. They got through to the plate competition, where we lost 5 scores to 0 to Teddington Bs.  A few players from Hackney didn’t make it to the match, but all players got to play, a great effort by all. We hope that next season we can attract more players to complete and expand all age groups.

Report: Keith Stone

Under 12’s

The U12s went Hammersmith and Fulham. Poor attendance and poor attitude meant that it was a slow start to the games. We need our teams to be more focused and committed to winning and care more about the result.

Report: Brad Seiler

Sunday 22nd March

   Staines RFC & Kilburn Cosmos visting

Under 8’s

Arriving at the club on a really lovely spring day, it was great to see a field full of players waiting to partake in a morning of rugby. The U8s were all set with a full team turned out and one new player, so welcome to Matthew. Staines travelled to us with a strong team that had reached the final of the Middlesex plate weeks earlier, Kilburn brought along 3 players so they joined the pinner team as a barbarian set up. The day started with touch rugby bulldog enjoyed by all, then it was onto a set play running channels 2 on 1 then 3 on 2, we involved touch rugby again, teaching the players to look for the waist when they go to tackle, all helping towards next years contact play.

At 11 o’clock tag belts were on and the first of two very competitive games began, with strong running and excellent support play the scores were soon happening at either end, the Pinner/Kilburn team won this game 6 – 4, with great running from Kilburn’s Joshua slicing the field apart and none stop support by are own Sam, always there ready to receive a pass, excellent play by all the other players made this a fun game to watch.

T he second game saw Staines come out a lot more positive, running the ball quickly into the barbarians try line with 2 fast scores, the barbarians dug in deep and defended well getting a tag turn over, after 14 hard fought minutes the game ended with the barbarians on the loosing end of a 6 – 5 defeat, great commitment by all the players now we work hard towards the Staines Festival keep it up.

By Paul Parker-Brice

The first signs of spring provided the perfect backdrop as Pinner Mini’s paid host to both Staines RFC and Kilburn Cosmos RFC Mini sections and the U12s were well represented by each Club.  As anticipated Staines were a well drilled outfit and proved worthy opponents for Pinner in opening encounter bursting out of the blocks to run in three tries in the first half through some slick handling and strong running.  Despite being on the back foot for much of the match Pinner never allowed their heads to drop and made the most of what possession they had to force Staines on to the back foot for parts of the second half, but Staines proved just that bit stronger and scored a further 3 tries.  Forwards Ben George and Ryan Beaumont stood out while Tyler Hone was the pick of the backs for the home side.

There was little respite for the Pinner boys as they went straight into a second match against a combined Staines and Kilburn team again falling behind to an early unconverted score.  Not to be denied Pinner fought back courageously and some fine driving play saw Daniel Villamil burst through from a maul and dive over to score.  A second try in the corner was finished in spectacular style by Adam Rees and with Harrison Davies converting both tries the home side held on for a well deserved 14 – 5 win; smiles and cheers all round.

The final fixture saw Pinner combine with Kilburn to play the strongest Staines outfit available and a close fought contest ended with Staines the victors by 21 points to 7.  Daniel Villamil scored his second try of the day pouncing on a loose ball and forcing his way over from close range.  Callum George at scrum half was a constant menace and the improving Matthew Andreou and Liam O’Riordan are deserving of a mention on what was an exhausting day for the U12s.  Well done to all the boys.

report: Doj

Sunday 15th March

Pinner & Grammarians shine at the Teddington Middlesex Festival

Match reports from Marie Curie Middlesex Mini Rugby Festival hosted by Teddington RFU on Sunday March 15th


This team of 13 contains a mixture of experienced players and those who only started playing this or last season, all keyed up and raring to go.

Our first match was again Grasshoppers was a titanic struggle by both teams, full commitment to tackling and defending. It was a thrilling effort, with even the match officials saying how much they enjoyed and admired the play on the pitch of both teams. Unfortunately for us, it was a 0-0 draw, which did not reflect the great performances by both teams.

Having learnt from the first game, we trained and rested for an hour, until we played Rosslyn Park Cs. This was an extremely exciting game, with Rosslyn Park scoring first and Pinner equalising before the break, through Ben Stone try. The second half saw Pinner match a very experience opposition and unfortunately, a lapse of concentration allowed Rosslyn Park to score a winning try in the dying seconds of the game. 2-1 to Rosslyn Park.

report by Clyde Gordon

Straight after this game we played Ealing Cs. Pinner kicked off into the sun and immediately went on the attack, quickly scoring their first try. Ealing soon counter attacked and ran their own quick try, down the line. Not to be disheartened, Pinner bounced back, playing hard, consistently rucking and retaining possession as they moved unrelentingly towards Ealing’s try line. In the last play of the half, Pinner broke through and scored one more try to go into the break ahead.

The second half was equally tough and neither team found it easy to break through. There was one dangerous break where Ealing nearly ran down the line to equalise, being thwarted only by an excellent tackle into touch by a small but tough Pinner player. Pinner again made slow, but steady progress up the pitch and were within sight of the line when play stopped as a Pinner player got studded and two Ealing players banged heads in a spectacular fashion! When play resumed, Pinner made one final drive for the line leaving Ben Stone to score his third try as the final whistle blew.

report by Nick Marchant

Pinner’s forth match was against Staines. It wasn’t only the heat that made this a fiery encounter. On the blow of the starting whistle Staines thundered through the Pinner defence and scored a try. This was a wakeup call for the now heavily injured Pinner team. With fantastic support play and individual running, Pinner pulled back to level the match. Changes made at half time proved very successful with an outstanding individual try by Felix Allen which raised the level of commitment in attacking the try line by Pinner. Felix taking the ball down the line was only inches away from scoring his second try, but unfortunately was pushed into touch. Pinner from that point on were unstoppable and finished the match with another Ben Stone try.

Everyone put in a terrific effort and again Pinner earnt the respect of all the teams they played against.


Pinner as a new and developing club has not yet achieved full teams in two of its age groups, the under 10s being one of them -new members always welcome- so we have teamed up with Staines and created a barbarians side. The teams have been training together for the last three weeks.

U10s Staines/Pinner Bar Bars played three games. The first was against Harrow C team. Pinner went ahead early, but by half time it was 1-1. Harrow went ahead early in the second half, scoring a try in the corner and then scored again in the last play of the game. 3-1 to Harrow.

Our second game against Wasps C saw the barbarian side start to play more as a team. Again Pinner opened the scoring with a push over try, but by half time it was 1-1. Wasps scored a try early in the first half and we equalised with a try by a Staines player. There was late pressure from Wasps but we hung on in there for a 2-2 draw. This was much better effort by all.

In our final game against Rosslyn Park C team, the bar bars attacked from the off and put pressure on the opposition but unfortunately, gave away a penalty. There was good attacking play and having a fair share of the play the first half ended at 1-0 to Pinner Bar Bars. The second half started with early pressure from Rosslyn Park, who equalised despite some excellent Pinner defence. Next Rosslyn Park went ahead with some flowing movement from the half- way line and despite sustained Pinner pressure, they broke from their own try line to score in the last minute.

With Staines visiting us next week for more pre-festival training and our steady trickle of new, keen and talented players, our U10s will, I am sure, as a Bar Bar team and eventually on their own, will prove to be a force to reckon with.

Reporter Peter Fraser 

U8s and U7stravelled away to Beaconsfield RFU. Both teams mixed in with their individual age groups. The U7s did tag training with a couple of games. The U8s split into different groups while Beaconsfield coaches carried out advanced training for forthcoming contact and then they played a couple of games. All the coaches of Beaconsfield commented on the high stand of the Pinner Players. A great day was had by all.

Sunday 8th March

Match Report for the Middlesex U8s Developmental Tag Festival

We all turned up at Ruislip RFC on a sunny Sunday Morning although a bit chilled, straight to pitch 9 to set up our tent and make a Pinner encampment. Soon the team was altogether and carrying out a vital warm up. Games started 10am prompt, we were able to watch our opposition we would meet in our first 2 games, we got an insight into what was required. Soon it was 1040 and we began to play, Bank of England 1 first, as with all our games the commitment of the players was 100%, so with excellent running, dodging, tagging and most of all scoring we ended up with a 6 – 5 victory. After a short break we were back on to play against Ealing 2, with the same determination the Pinner team fought hard and achieved a 6 – 4 victory, giving them the top slot in the pool, now we went forward to the Quarter finals. We got a hard draw in the Quarter finals drawn against Roslyn Park 1, a very strong well formed team, we had a couple of referring decisions go against us which resulted in scores, but that takes nothing away from the level of play from Roslyn team, Pinner slipped up with a few vital 1st and 2nd  tags missed, which resulted in a 5 – 1 defeat.

Onto a 3rd 4thplayoff where we met another Bank team this time Bank 2, back on form Pinner showed all the determination to get a result, after a tight start to the game Pinner soon got the upper hand and walked away with a 7 – 4 victory. Then to our surprise we found we were in a cup final a short break then we took to the pitch to play another side from Ealing, 1s this time. 2 easy tries helped Ealing get a foothold on the game, then it was just catch up for a very tired 7 Pinner players who had no substitutes, As the Ealing team seemed to change players every few moves, when the whistle blew the Pinner team was on the losing end with a 7 – 4 defeat. All the parents and spectators agreed that the team played to a high standard of Tag Rugby with 24 tries in our favour against only 25, well done to all the Magnificent Seven, next is the Staines Festival in April so we look forward to that. Scorers were Adam, Pramila 1, Mike 2, Joshua 5, Morgan 7 & Sam 8.    

Report: Paul Parker-Brice 

Sunday 1st March

Pinner entertained the stronger and more established Grasshoppers club at Shaftesbury Playing Fields on Sunday.  Much was gained from the experience and everyone from both clubs enjoyed the morning.

Under 12’s;

Grasshoppers brought a strong, well drilled team for a hard fought contest. The visitors got the better of early exchanges and were soon three tries to the good despite some fine tackling from Bradley Smith and Sam Williams.   P&G’s, with three U11’s playing a year up in this age group, rallied well and continued to play competitive rugby, creating several chances of their own without putting in the finishing touches for a single try.  In the second half, although now five tries down, Pinner grew in confidence to give a much more even game. After some fine mid-field work by Harrison Davies , Bradley Gilroy came within a whisker of the elusive try.  Grasshoppers had one or two very skillful and experienced players. On the Pinner side there were fine displays from Liam O’Riordan, Ben George and the outstanding ‘Player of the Day’ Dominic Seiler.

Report by Doj

Under 8’s and 9’s

On Sunday the weather finally broke and we had a glorious day to play some long awaited for rugby. The U8‘s start with the normal warm up followed by the old favourite

Bulldog, after a short water break the Grasshopper coach Leroy took over for a training session on tagging and running with the ball whilst looking for support, which went down well with all those involved. Later we had a two team race which involved some basic skills which certainly got all the players panting for breath.

Then came the time for the competitive side we split into our respective teams, and after a quick team talk we took to the pitch, at this point our thanks must go to Fiona who stepped up from the U7’s to join the team, Pinner started with the ball and we were soon making the most of the play at one stage we were 4-1 up thanks to some great running and excellent support play, but the play slowed slightly and at halftime it was a close 4-3. Pinner returned to the pitch, after some competitive tagging got a turn over and continued the scoring, the team really geld together this weekend with magnificent play by all the players concerned. The final score was Pinner 9 Grasshoppers 6, the man of the match was Adam Jeeves for the total commitment and support he gave from his wing position, (also what a catch followed by a try Adam it’s on video and hopefully will be on the website soon). The Grasshoppers coach actually came up to me and congratulated us on how well the team had kept there line whilst defending and attacking offering us options to move the ball when it came available, well done to you all.

The second match was a very hard thought game, with refreshed Grasshoppers coming out fast and hard from the start, with 2 quick tries in there favour it was all about catch up for the young Pinner team, a few offside calls gave Pinner the ball and they were able to convert these into tries. The Pinner squad stayed with it until the end and came away with a very respectful 11-10 defeat. All this bears well for the Middlesex Tournament which is next Sunday at Ruislip RFC, as with Pinner in this frame of mind they can really put the name of this small squad onto the Middlesex map.

Report by Paul Parker-Brice.

At this level pick and mix matches were played. Once again the Pinner players benefited from training along side more experienced units.  Several should signs of progress.

Under Pinner 9’s v Grasshoppers
After a great training session with getting both teams completing tackle bag work, a couple of games were played.
Pinner 1 Grasshoppers 1  
Pinner scored a very fast and aggressive early try thanks to Ben, what followed was a determined display of great defending. Both teams provide a good show of skill but the equalising Grasshoppers score only came in the final play of the game, a very fair result.
Pinner 4 Grasshoppers 2 
With energy levels high it was agreed to play another game and ensure every single player got a game, 11 a side with 2 Grasshoppers(Emily and Aman) joining Pinner.  Another early flash from Ben got Pinner on the score board, Kia scored for Pinner, Grasshoppers did score twice, but with a real turn of speed, Barbarian Emily scored for Pinner, the final try was scored by Ben, bringing his tally to 3 for the day. All players hit the showers 20mins later than usual.
Special thanks to Clyde our referee, who showed great patience and coached the teams in there 1st attempts at scummaging

The U9 ‘Player of the week’ was Kai Gordon and for the U8’s it was Adam Jeeves.

Report by Andy Nash


Sunday 25th January

  Visiting club: Harrow RFC

On a damp and grey morning the Shaftesbury playing fields (home to Pinner & Grammarians RFC) were buzzing with sound of hot drinks being slurped, sloshing of boots through mud and puddles and the excited hum of expectant young players ready to start a joint training session. The car park was full, surrounding roads groaned with an assortment of vehicles, the fresh smell of bacon rolls wafted from the clubhouse, coats were being removed, waterproofs put on, wet laces threaded through damp boot holes, mouth guards rinsed and grit removed, hellos were exchanged, umbrellas expanded, slippery balls passed…….

It could go on and on and on…………..!!

This was the first fixture / joint training session with Harrow RFC. All age groups were represented and around 170 players split into mixed training sessions led by both Pinner and Harrow coaches.

On the ‘hump’ there was tag training, ball handling skills, and fun games with the under 6/7’s

The under 8’s were practicing tagging techniques and passing the ball through ‘pop’ passes – getting prepared for matches

The under 9’s started with a warm up session led by Lee – a couple of times around the pitch saw me observing from a distance! Then onto tackle bag work – presenting the ball and support play. During the games Harrow were introduced to netball rugby – a great favourite of Big John

Under 10’s joined the strong Harrow team for some tackle and passing practice being led by a combination of Harrow coaches, Martin and Lee

The under 11’s/12’s worked well with the Harrow players, developing skills in rucking, mauling and scrum work. This all led onto some fast paced games.

At present I do not have any of the results of the games but will endeavour to find out in the next day or two.

incoming report ……….. Under 8’s: first game P&G 3 – Harrow 6  second game: P&G 5 – Harrow 5

It was a great induction to three new members to the club, they loved the morning and hopefully will tell their friends about us.

It was great to see so many children not only playing rugby at Pinner but also the enjoyment that was had by all.

From Kevin Keen: Chairman Harrow RFC mini section

First of all thank you very much for hosting us, particularly as we asked for the fixture swap.  We had a lot of feedback from parents saying what a friendly reception we had and what a good set-up you have.  It was a good job we swapped round as Harrow was unplayable today (and I heard other clubs were too). 

Thank you again to:

The children for playing so well and getting so mucky, I guess many a washing machine was groaning when they got home!

The parents for your continual support and work for the club.

Last but not least the coaches and admin who put up with the continual stream of emails and phone calls and who work so tirelessly for the club to make it a place to be proud of.

Sunday 11th January 2009

Unfortunately owing to the weather it was decided that the home match with Staines RFC would need to be posponed until later in the season.

However, Mini’s chairman,Steve George decided that a fun training session could get the go ahead. Despite very cold weather a good number of ‘layered up’ players turned up for an action packed session. THe U9′,U10’s,U11’s and U12’s combined together and guided by Ian’s well thought out and delivered session kept players on their toes, on each others backs! and created great games that involved ball handling, team work and pad work.

Paul and Bert ran their respective age groups and again the emphasis was on keeping warm, active and having fun – the pads did make their way over from the U9’s so that the U8’s could have a practice.

Sunday 21st December 2008

On Sunday 21stPinner entertained Hackney Bulls at Shaftesbury Playing Fields with matches at the older age groups and tag-rugby and joint training for the younger ones. At U12the first game went to P&G’s 7-5 with the try being scored by Adam Thetheway, converted by Harrison Davies.  Hackney redressed the balance in the second game winning 5- 0.  In the U9’s three matches were played with Pinner winning the first 2 tries to nil. Hackney took the second by the same margin and the third was honours-even at three tries each.  The Pinner try scorers were Gabrial Skilton-Hood, Ben Stone and Jacob Talbot.   The Under 7 and 8’s after their very constructive joint training session enjoyed a tag-rugby match, Pinner winning 8 – 6..

The Pinner players rewarded for most skill and effort were: U12’s Bradley Smith and Liam O’Riordan, U10’s Gabrial Skilton-Hood and U7/8 Ibrahim Kharshid.

Sunday 30th November 2008

A bitter and wet morning greeted all players and coaches on Sunday.
Our visitors were Enfield Ignatians and they came with a selection of teams – under 8’s under 9’s under 12’s and some mixed ages.
After they had warmed themselves up in the clubhouse they took to the field!
Trying to keep the youngsters warm, the initial drills using tackle bags and a swift game of rugby netball heated up even the coldest of kids.The matches were played with great enthusiasm and in the spirit of team play and tries were scored equally in the under 9’s whilst great tagging enabled the under 8’s to take the lead and finally come out winners.
Coach Paul Parker Brice said “ The team are now really playing well together, they are supporting each other and tagging which has let us down previously is now one of our main features, well done to all those who took part”

Under 9’s coach ‘spud’ after the match said “ we played well, I know it was cold out there and some players felt it, all gave their best and I feel they learnt a few new skills, one being how to tackle the ‘Tank’!
Enfield U12s celebrated their first victory of the season with a 7-0 win over Pinner & Grammarians. Alex Bucknall broke the deadlock after driving his way over the back of a scrum.
Coach Steve Renny said: “I was particularly happy with our scrummaging, but we invariably aim to enjoy ourselves whether we win or lose.”