Mini Section

Hello and welcome to the mini rugby section of our club. Here are some quick questions and answers about mini rugby.

Is there a good age for children to start playing Rugby?
Children can start playing tag rugby as soon as they are old enough to start school. Different children become ready at different ages. Some children do not take to tag rugby and can not wait to be old enough to participate in the full contact version.

Please could you list all the necessary equipment a child would require to get started playing Rugby?
To start tag rugby all the child needs is a pair of boots (soccer boots are fine as long as they do not have moulded studs) and something suitable to run about in. A gum shield is required when your child moves up to the under 8’s

Are there any particular brands of equipment you would recommend for beginners?

How much would someone expect to pay for good quality items listed above?
New Boots for a small child can be bought for between £10-20 A low cost gumshield can be bought for £5. I recommend buying kit from a specialist independent sports shop, such as The Real Sports Shop in Watford, however the club has a great range of items both new and second hand that can be purchased. We encourage older children to donate old boots so younger children and parents can keep costs down.

Is there a second hand market for these items? If so, are then any particular signs someone should look out for to ensure the equipment will stand the test of time?
Second hand boots are always worth buying if they fit your child. Our club kit shop includes a second hand section plus ebay can be a good source.

How much should a parent expect to pay for lessons?
Membership of the club is £50 per season. Our club makes a reduction for younger brothers and sisters.

How can parents identify a good teacher/club (qualifications etc)?
All Pinner and Grammarians coaches have RFU approved qualifications and are CRB checked.

To become proficient, how many hours per week would you suggest a child should practice?
This depends on the child, but generally speaking for children under the age of 10, 1 – 2 hours per week at the club session would be enough. The club trains every Sunday from 10am to 12am.

Although it will vary from child to child how long does it normally take for a child to become competent in this sport?
An average athletic child would be able to enjoy and fully participate in tag rugby after 2 – 3 hours coaching.

Are there any other important tips we can offer?
Enjoy it!