Word up from Aaron


I thought it best to bring you up to date with the current situation facing the first team and see if we can improve on the situation prior to our first League game on the 15thSeptember.

Since last season we have lost a significant number of influential players through retirement, injury and worries over the possibility of Pinner not being able to field a side. So we need to call upon everyone at the Club from players, the youth and minis teams and all on the committee to rectify the situation as quickly as possible.

I have been holding regularly training on Thursday evenings but only a handful of past players have been attending (2-4), but on the upside we have picked up several new players but these are not sufficient for me to be able to field a full team at present.

I have been contacting everyone via Facebook as to availabilities for the 15th and with the help of Razzle and Woady will be phoning and texting every contact we have over the next few days. After we have done this I will have a clearer picture of where we stand with regard to players for the first game and for the rest of the season.

Whatever the outcome of these calls we need to explore more ways to improve the situation, so I am asking everyone at the Club to help and support me to improve the strength of the senior squad as soon as possible.

We’re at a pivotal moment in the club’s history – considering the recent acquisition of an under 18’s the decision of Reza to play higher grade rugby now is the time for growth. What I need more than anything is your help, backing and, above all, guidance.

It’ll be hard work, but we’ve been given a great platform. Let’s build on it and continue our upward growth. I’m not done and I suspect that many others aren’t either. There’s a lot of love for this club, but people are unsure about the future, we can fix that, they just need a reason to believe. You guys do a lot of incredible work behind the scenes and I ask you to keep doing what you’ve always done.

We’re not done yet and hope is not lost, let me know your thoughts


Saturday 18th August

Pinner Rugby Open Day

Hello to all members old and new of pinner rugby club!

The 1st social event of the new season is upon us and I want to make it a whole club affair. By getting everyone together i hope to get us all excited for the season ahead and for us all to start becoming closer rather than a seniors section and minis section etc etc….. Absolutely anyone is welcome grab all your mates family friends and anyone who might want to join a new club or even want to start playing rugby whether they are 5 or 55! lets get the beers flowing and the laughs rolling as we will have:

1) Pinner Olympics – £10 entry Per person this gets you a free beer and the trophy if you win! Grab your best/worst fancy dress outfit and come and compete in the annual games which include dizzee rascal (everyone’s fave) to the ultimate dance off!

2) Middlesex rugby bus - http://www.middlesexrugby.com/Community/MiddlesexBus/

3) karaoke- good singers bad singers and drunk singers all welcome!

4) The usual BBQ bouncy castle and fun and games for the youngsters.

5) Cross-bar challenge

Lets all do our best to get everyone down and get the season off to a good start.

Squad for Saturday

Hi guys

Lots of injuries / players missing, so please see squad below. If you are not included but are free, please let me know!!!

Simon, bullet, aaron, dale, mike, jepsen, jon kirby, sat nav, fred, martin, reza, umfufu, rich, burnzy, razzell, woady, sandy, ollie.

Meet at the club 12:15 please. If going direct, please let me know.


Hi All

Hope you are well. Good session tonight, thank you to Griff for organizing and for all who turned up.

Couple of things..


Hope you are well. Membership forms were filled out and details checked by existing members however, very few paid their membership fees. Please over the next 2 weeks give me the membership money you owe (£60 adult member, £30 student). If you have paid standing order last year, please check your bank statements as a lot have been cancelled and therefore you need to pay. We no longer will provide standing order.

Flood lights

The light is fading fast and with winter around the corner, the club are looking to invest in lights. As you know, this is a significant for a social club and comes at a cost. I think it would be good if we could go back to the club and say ‘we have raised X amount to be put towards the floodlights’. The club have not asked for our money, but as we will be the ones benefiting, I think it we should try and get some money together.

If it is £1, to £1000, if you can afford to put some money towards the lights please do. Remember, YOU will be benefiting from the lights through the winter months. Please speak to me about this.


Morning all

What a fantastic day yesterday for Pinner and Grammarians as a club. If you said to me 5 years ago that we would have 2 teams playing at home, in 30 degree heat in October, I would have politely told you where to go. The club is growing into something special and it is fantastic to be part of that.

The 1st team won 23 – 3 with a great TEAM performance. The intensity and commitment to work for each other was superb and we put together the performance of the season so far. We conceded 0 tries for the first time this season and to be honest they only threatened our line once but our weakest and smallest player by a long long way (Chris Jepsen) put in a fantastic tackle on the line to deny the try.

The teams intensity levels were excellent and I truly believe we won the game mentally in the first 20 minutes. We hit the rucks in numbers to provide quick ball and when it was their ball, we hit the rucks to counter ruck. Due to our aggressive counter rucking, we put pressure on them and they had no answer.

We still have a lot of work to do though, so let’s not sit back and think we are a great team. The forwards are finally ‘getting their shit together’, however with such a dangerous back line we need to release them more. We kept the ball tight for that phase too long where we should have released the backs to cause damage. Our defence is improved, but if the opposition used the ball better we would have been in trouble.

Communication in defence was average and we need to call players out and realign quicker. Fitness is improving, however we still have a lot of work to do! If you can make Tuesdays great, if not take responsibility and put the effort in by yourself.

In all honesty though, I am having to find problems as opposed to having serious ones that stood out. Let’s keep up the commitment to training, to playing for your mates and we will keep winning.

The Pelicans had another home match and lost to a well drilled team. One of the most positive things to say is two players who were in the Pelicans last game (Rich and Fred) started for the 1st team and had fantastic games. Rich with his solid running and defence and Fred doing what a 7 is meant to and covering the ground, turning ball over both prove that the process is working. If you play well for the Pelicans, you will get your shot at the 1sts. If you then take the opportunity and have a good game you will be in the squad for the next week.

Well done to Les again for putting in place the Pelicans and doing such a good job.

Competition for places is superb at the moment and great for the club. Standards are improving and the club is growing. For those who were not at training, the board again backed the players and will invest in flood lights for training. This is not the 3 metre ones we have at the moment that lights up a ¼ of a pitch if we are lucky! This is a 12m light that will illuminate 2 / 3rds of the pitch and give us enough area to split backs and forwards and practise moves in the winter darkness.

A final thanks to Brad for the BBQ yesterday, it was a great effort to feed the 80+ people there.

Enjoy the bruises and pain, see you Tuesday at fitness.


Friday 29th January

Morning all

Hope you are all well. Good session and turn out last night, let’s put what we did on the training pitch into the games tomorrow.

1st team squad:

Bullet, Mark K, Aaron, Hobo, Martin, Sat Nav, woady, coops, Bernie, griff, David, Alex, Reza, Chris J, Burnzy, Mark Razzell, Adrien, Laney, Gwynn

1st team are away and we will need to meet at Pinner train station for 11:45am (looking to leave at 12pm). If easier, please meet at Baker street for 12:30pm or at their ground for no later than 1pm. We will not be meeting at the club, so please DO NOT go there.

You can find their ground on the locations tab here: http://www.facebook.com/l/45b884H2A6V_R_5C-izTkUDb6Iw;www.belsizeparkrfc.com/

Pelicans team squad:

Phil, Skelly, Dave manning, Nigel, muggins, Gordo, Andy w, angus, Graeme, Chris H, Paul James, Ollie, Jim, Heath, Niall, Les, Dave Hiles, dodge Davies, Hugo

If you have any questions, please speak to Les for your times etc.

Hopefully i haven’t missed anyone off, if yes please let me know.

Just wanted to say it is great news that we now have two teams up and running and I would like to say thanks to Les, Spud and Brad who have been instrumental in this. With fantastic work from the minis on Sundays as well, our club is growing and there really are exciting times ahead for our club.

Good luck to both teams and let’s make it two wins for Pinner.


Friday 6th Jan 2011
Subject: 9 weeks of rugby in a row!!!
As you all know, we had to cancel Old totts and Ickenham which means we have had our fixtures revised.. Unfortunately this means 9 weeks in a row

This could change if Old totts drop out of the league which is a possibility, however we have to be prepared for 9 weeks ina row.

The new fixtures list till the end of the season:


In all honesty, can everyone play 9 weeks in a row, probably not. This means that we will have to use our squad to the fullest and it is a chance for people to step up into the first team.

As we have 9 in a row, I will need to know early if you can or can’t make games due to other commitments. I will be putting the games up early, so please make sure you say you can play or not.

Training is still on for the 1st team tomorrow @ 1pm and the Pelicans have an away fixture. Good luck to the Pelicans, let’s start the year off with a win.


Tuesday 19th October
Subject: Pinner Pelican’s/£10 fancy dress and the week coming
Afternoon all
Hope you are well. Last weekend saw the Pinner pelicans turn out for the first time in years! It was a fantastic site to see them run out and in their first game, they only lost by a few points (I think 33-29?). The rugby on display was of a very high standard seeing as this was their first game together and we saw a couple of contenders for try of the season! A big thank you and well done to all the players and especially Brad/Les and Spud for organizing the match! I look forward to the next one
This week see’s the 1st team playing Belsize park who are currently sitting just behind the leaders. They will be a tough team to face, but we have shown glimpses of our potential and I have no fear that we can turn them over when we play on Saturday.

Training on Thursday is a must for everyone. Now we have 2 team running, I expect the numbers to be significantly improved and our standard to increase every week.
£10 fancy dress
The return of the £10 fancy dress outfit is here. Our next game is away to Royston and that is the day of the event. The rules are you have to purchase an outfit for £10 or less and the only things you can provide are under ware, socks and shoes. In the evening when we get back, we will have prizes for best dressed, worst dressed, most creative and for those who have made no effort! There will be an event, but I haven’t given it any thought, so I can’t tell you.

See you all Thursday, 7pm


Monday 13th September

Subject: Last weekend and this week

Afternoon all

For those who played this weekend, I am sure you are all nursing bruises from a physical encounter. For those who were not there you would have missed what they call ‘a game of two halves’. Unfortunately we were on the wrong side of 22-19, but that does not tell the full story.
Our first 15 mins was shocking, and it was a shadow of the team that was playing last year. As the first half went on though, we were camped in their half and were millimetres away from the line on numerous occasions. However, the damage was done and 22-0 was pretty fair.
Second half though was a different story. I often talk about playing for each other and being committed and this was a performance that was probably one of our best in 2 years. We fought back to 22-19 and scored in the last play of the game only for the referee to call it a forward pass. If you asked their players in the bar after, they felt they were lucky to get away with that one. The positives to take from the game far outweighed the negatives and to be honest, in the first half you could see it was the first match we had played in 4 months!!
Special mention has to go to a few players though:
Jim Tabua – Superb from start to finish and lead from the front with his aggression.
Chris Jepson – who scored a try and looked dangerous every time we got the ball.
Hobo – who came out of retirement of being a fatty to being a bulldozer and had an absolute stormer, superb.
So this week we see our first home game of the season against Ickenham who won the league were in last year. If we can put in a performance like the second half of last weekend, we will see a home victory. Looking at the league table and results, I don’t think we have anything to worry about this year and we really could be competing for the title or promotion. So let’s train hard this week and open our account with a win on Saturday.


Monday 30th August
Afternoon all

I hope you are enjoying your bank holiday weekend. This week we have training tomorrow and Thursday at 7pm. This is the last Tuesday session and from next week we will only have 1 session on a Thursday at 7pm. We all need to be at training so we can practice for the games.

Next weekend we will have our first match of the season away at Old Isleworthians. We will be meeting at the club for 12pm, ready to leave at 12:30. If you are going direct, please let me know and you will need to meet us there for 1:30pm.

Please let me know your availability as soon as possible so I can pick the best team available.

This is an exciting year for us and it will be tough. We have the abiility to get promoted again, but in all honesty we should be looking for the title! We really have the skills and team to win.

See you tomorrow


Tuesday 27th July
Subject: This week and moving into August
Morning all

This week we have fitness on Tuesday and our last touch rugby session on a Thursday. As of next week Tuesday will be fitness as usual, but Thursday will be training. Our first fixture is a friendly on Saturday August 28th with our first league match away on the 11th September. As you can see that means we only have 5 weeks till our first game and we really need to ramp up our training.
This year we will have 2 teams running with the second team (Pelicans) playing the 1st home game of every month from October. Our numbers are healthy and we are always able to increase the amount of games the 2nd team plays.

So what do we need from you over the next few weeks?

Training – We need everyone to be available Tuesdays and Thursdays for training. I understand people not attending through June and July, however if you do not start showing in August, you can expect to start the season off in the Pelicans – 2nd team.

Fitness – We are running two sessions but you really need to be doing your own work for the rest of the week. If you don’t have a gym membership, hit the streets or parks and you can run there for free!

Membership – Woady is the membership secretary this year and will be requesting your memberships in August. Club Membership includes things like insurance, club affiliation and you have to be a member if you are going to play! Fees are £60 for full members and £30 for students.

However…. It is not all rugby rugby rugby

Pinner Olympics 21st August– Who will take over the crown of Hobo and Dom from last year? Will they be able to retain it? If you haven’t responded already please update your status on the facebook page. I will be making the draw for teams next week so if you are not in it, you will not have time to prepare for the last event….!!

See you all tomorrow


Monday 5th July

Subject: Slough 7’s and this week
Morning all

For those who attended the 7’s this weekend, i am sure you are feeling like i am… AVERAGE! Hard ground, soft skin = big ass grazes… and those grazes stick to everything (currently my work trousers!)..


The day was a great success. We were put in a bit of a group of death with the eventual winners and the winners of the plate competition! Unlike Middlesex 7’s, teams are put in not based on their league position, but by luck of the draw. We took a bit of a beating in the 1st two games, but we more than held our own and scored some tries against them. The next two teams who were only 2 leagues above us we won comfortably with 48 – 7 and 30 odd – 15 which were great results and we played some great stuff. Unfortunately in the semi final of the bowl, it was probably one game too far and we were beaten by a better team.

I would like to say thank you very much to all the players who came, you were all superb and our fancy dress dominated the day. Thanks to Lyns who single handedly made the whole crowd around pitch one go quiet when she went on to the pitch for an injury in her fancy dress! Very funny. Thanks to all the supporters who came as well and cheered us on.

Finally, a massive thanks to Spud who again showed how much of a club man he is by driving us in his mini bus he had from school (in fancy dress), stayed with us all day, dropped us off and then had a drink with us! So thanks very much Spud.

This week we start our pre-season. Please note the time differences on Tuesdays and Thursdays!!!

Tuesday we have our fitness and speed session starting at 7:30 for an hour.

Thursday we have the touch tournament but thankfully the venue is now at our club. So please be at the club for a 7pm kick off.

See you all tomorrow


Friday 25th June

Hi guys

Hope you are all well. Touch rugby on thursdays is going to get a lot more interesting! I have signed us up with the RFU to play touch rugby on Thursday nights in July from 7pm to 9pm at various clubs in the local area.

Why? A few reasons

1) Will hopefully stop the back chat to referees
2) Fitness – touch rugby is a very hard game when played properly and will make us work hard
3) Fun – We will have a great time going out to these clubs and it makes a change of scenery

We start next week and the clubs are below:

Northolt RFC Session 01/07/2010

Hayes RFC Session 08/07/2010 now changed to Pinner

Pinner & Grammarians RFC Session 15/07/2010

Old Abbottstonians RFC Session 22/07/2010

London Springboks RFC Session 29/07/2010

SODAM RFC Tournament 05/08/2010

So.. first one is at Northolt RFC and their address is:

Northolt Rugby Club
Cayton Green Park,
Cayton Road,

I will add a facebook group today so please respond as soon as you can. If you can write on the wall if you are going direct or need a lift that would help so we can organise drivers for Thursday.If you do not write on the wall you need a lift, you will be left behind :)

RezaFriday 25th June

Hi Guys

I have copied the league table below so you can see the clubs we will be up against this year. We have a lot of local derby matches which is great but have some decent away trips to Regents Park, Richmond and Hammersmth to name a few. Our first league match is on the 11th September and we have 5 weekends in a row of rugby!!!


We need everyone to make it to training. I cannot stress how much we need to get training otherwise we will have a tough season.I am looking to have a friendly on the 28th August, then training on the 4th and then the season starts.

We need our second team up and running, so please bring down new players as soon as possible.

Herts/Middlesex 2
Team P W D L F A Diff Pts Adjust
Belsize Park 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Ickenham 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
London French 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Mill Hill 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Old Isleworthians 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Old Merchant Taylors’ 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Old Millhillians 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Old Tottonians 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Pinner & Grammarians 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Quintin 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Royston 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Uxbridge 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0


Hi Guys

Touch rugby starts next week, so will see you there.

I have also been asked by Slough rugby club to see if we would like to join their 7’s tournament on Saturday 3rd July. Please respond as quickly as possible


Afternoon all
Hope you are well and are enjoying your month off. However, seeing how much hassle I am getting from people, I better get the information out on what our plans for the upcoming months will be. This year we have 2 goals which are winning the league and getting a second team playing regularly.
1 – Promotion
This year we will be fitter, stronger and faster than last year and our pre-season schedule will make sure of that. Below you will see we start fitness in July which is earlier than we ever have. I believe we are the best team in this league and working hard pre-season will help us achieve our goal of promotion.
2 – 2nd team
For our club to move forward we must have a second team that plays regularly. Spud and Brad have volunteered to run our second team which means all we now need to do now is find the players. More will be said about this at the AGM, but please start speaking to mates, work colleagues, big guys in the gym, pubs, anyone you know to get down to our club.
We have an unbelievable opportunity here to turn this club into something great, but we need everyone pulling in the same direction.
So the summer schedule:
June – Touch rugby, Thursday nights only at 7pm (first session June 3rd)
July – Fitness, strength and speed work Tuesdays and touch Thursdays at 7pm
August – Training on Tuesdays and touch/contact Thursdays, friendlies last 2 weekends on Saturday
September – Season starts
The Pinner Annual General Meeting is on Saturday June 12th and everyone needs to be there as we are assigning roles in the club and deciding what we need to do. You need to have your say and this is the only place to do it. If that is not incentive enough, we have a great day planned with England v Australia at 11am, AGM at 1pm and then England v USA in the round ball later!
Now to the fun…..
Fear not dear brothers!!! With all this fitness stuff, we must have something fun to look forward to. So over the summer we will have our monthly summer BBQ’s, England summer tour down under and the football world cup at the club.
We have the 2nd Annual Pinner Olympics with new events lined up.. who will be champion..

So have a great week off and see you next week

Afternoon all

Unfortunately the end of the season is here. Looking back over the year, we should be proud of what we have achieved and look at the excellent foundation we have for next season. When a team gets promoted, their first thought should be to not get relegated straight off the bat! Instead what we did was still be in the hunt for the title and promotion until the last 2 games of the season. We should be very proud of ourselves and know that next season, the title is ours to lose.

We also had the Middlesex 7’s last Saturday. This year was different than last as there were fewer teams which meant that every team we played was in a higher league than us. Those who came would have seen two (yes I said 2!!) teams give their all and have a great day out in the sunshine. Our Pinner 1st team got to the final and lost to a team that is 2 leagues above us and there is no shame in that. Our 2nd team had the group of death with Wasps (and their 2 international players) and 3 other very tough games. Wasps went on to win the main competition and our 2’s were the only team to cause them problems on the way to that title.. Superb…

So we will now have a well earned rest! There will be no training in May so we can have a good rest. Touch will resume in June and then mid July we will be back into pre-season fitness and training.

Over the summer we will have the Pinner Olympics II with new events, who will take the glory this year? We will also have BBQ’s and drinks organised, so please keep your eye out on here. I will give you a couple of weeks notice so you can clear your weekends. We also have the round ball world cup which I know a few of us will be keen to watch.
So thank you all for a great season, enjoy your time off and see you soon.

Over and out


Afternoon all
So we come to the final game of our season. This weekend will see us play Cuffley at home in front of a minimum crowd of 70 people due to the President’s lunch. This is a fantastic way to end our season with a home win in front of all of those who have watched or supported us throughout the year. Many of the people there on the day will be players from the past and it is a day for us to show what the current crop of players can do and that we are on the rise.

Afternoon all

Hope you are all well. Last weekend we were meant to have a home fixture against Thamesians and were looking to avenge our loss against them earlier this season. Unfortunately on Friday evening I had the dreaded call from the oppo saying that they could not get a front row and would have to forfeit the game.

So what does that mean???? Our target for the last 3 games was 3 wins which either guaranteed promotion or wins us the title. 1 game down, 2 wins to go. The good thing is we have our own destiny in our hands which is a great way to be.

This week we have training as usual on Thursday and a friendly against Chess Valley away on the weekend. We need everyone at training and at the game this weekend so we can gear up for Ickenham in a few weeks. There are only a handful of game left of the season so we need everyone pulling towards the same goal which is promotion/the title. Training needs to be full so we can practise properly and friendlies need us all there so we can again practise playing properly.

This weekend after the match is England v Scotland and we have a curry on at the club. I will send a meeting around it so please accept as soon as possible as we need to pay for it by Weds.


Afternoon all

I am proud to announce this year’s nominees for player of the season, most improved player, best newcomer and foreign player which will be presented at the club dinner on Friday 16th April.

All votes need to be sent to Pinnerhobo@live.co.uk. PLEASE DO NOT SEND THEM TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Voting closes on Sunday 4th April.

Player of the Season:

Martin Goodwin – Since Martin Joined Pinner he has been one of the key members of the team. This season he has taken his game to another level with superb work at the breakdown and consistently comes out of games with the highest tackle count. A lot of his work goes on unseen by many however he is always the first name on the team sheet.

Warren Woad – This year has seen Woady mature as a player, take on more responsibility in the team and become a fantastic leader. He is the most complete player in the whole league and brings the physical edge that any team that wants to be successful needs. Consistently in the running for leading try scorer and player of the season

Reza Sibilant – (I did not put myself forward and the next bit is written by hobo) Reza has matured as both a player and a captain this season. His leadership skills and his ability and versatility as a player have helped turn many games. One of the leading try scorers again this season and general all around good guy. Reza deserves recognition for all he does for the club off the field too. currently, he is Mr Pinner.

Most Improved Player

James Byrne – This year we changed Burnzy from wing to centre and he hasn’t looked back since. Over the second half of the season with his pace and power he has started to create havoc for opposition defences and is one of our form players.

Graeme Searle– Mr Right place, right time Graeme has started to show excellent form as the season has progressed. His link up with Mark at fullback has been excellent and he is arguably the most solid wing we have at the club. He is quickly turning into Pinner’s Mr. Reliable at the back.

Ollie Blazey – 100% deserves to be in the category. Ollie has come on leaps and bounds this season and will be a great asset to the club next season. Hardly ever misses training and is at every game even if he doesn’t play. Pace and power is already there and takes on board everything you say to make him better.

Best Foreign Player

Bernard Richter – Reigning Champ! Bernie is our ‘Go to man’ and can change a game on his own. Very difficult to stop when he has the ball in hands and is always running the supporting line. One of the key members of the squad and is the leading try scorer this year.

Steven Griffiths – In his first full season Griff has added unbelievable amounts to the club. With his knowledge of the game he brings a level of control to our team which is sometimes lacking. He is also a great club man helping out with training and always offering advice.

Craig Lane – Laney’s transition to scrum half has been seamless. His pace is there for everyone to see and from the base of the scrum he has brought an extra dimension to our game. When on the wing his vision and ability to create chances has been crucial in big games and consistently led to scores for others.

Best Newcomer

David Luiz – David joined us mid way through the season and changed the way we played. With fantastic hands and vision he allowed us to play the running rugby that suits our team. Big defence as well as his ability to spot a gap or change the point of attack has been a joy to watch.

Dominic Coyle – ‘Hans’ had his first experience was an away match against Hatfield. Notoriously a tough game he put in big tackles, got involved and hasn’t looked back since. He brings pace, energy and in the past few game options to kick from 40m+. One of the characters of the team, loved by all.

Lee Seiler – Coming into men’s rugby is tough but coming in and playing loose head is another story. He should be called action man as he will be in a scrum and then next phase he will be making a cover tackle on the wing. He is an unbelievable talent and arguably one of the strongest players in.

So make sure you congratulate your team mates on their nominations as they are thoroughly deserved.

All votes need to be sent to Pinnerhobo@live.co.uk and voting closes on Sunday 4th April.


Afternoon all

17-16 I think says it all.

We had the league leaders who have only lost 1 all season on the ropes and just could not get that final score (unless you count the conversion that was a conversion but wasn’t given!!). The game this week proved how far as a club we have come in such a short period. Our first scrum we were munched and driven back and the murmur of ‘here we go again’ came out. However, we didn’t go backwards from then on.

As a team we fronted up. We put our bodies on the line and played for each other and we almost got there. After the weekend to reflect, we can hold our heads up high and know that we did our best and 1 or 2 things went against us and cost the game. However, we should not look at this result as a negative.

The pack was immense and we were probably the most competitive at the breakdown we have been all season. The backs were strong and when we ran the ball we were causing havoc. They have a professional coach, 3 teams and were very well organised however we made them panic. So a big thank you very much to the whole squad of 24 who turned up to play/support us.

Couple of special mentions
1) Alex who started at centre and had a blinder. He was fast, strong and caused problems all game. Definite man of the match and a dirty pint awaits you
2) Our supporters. 30 people turned up to support us at an away game and I am sorry we didn’t win, but hopefully we did you proud. To have that support is fantastic and we really do appreciate it. However, Angus, please do not stand with your 9 week old baby too close to the pitch again as Hobo did almost kill you both!

This week we will have no training, instead we will have a bank holiday booze up. So see you at the club for 7pm! Can you please make sure you have a drinking glove!

We have a rest weekend this weekend then our last league game on the following Saturday. Let’s finish the season in style with a home win and loads of support to watch us.

Finally I will follow this up with the nominations for our awards….


Afternoon all

Hope you are well. Last weekend we played a home fixture against Old Streetonians and put together 40 mins of clinical rugby. The first 20 mins we were all half asleep and the final 20 we took our foot off the gas, but the middle part was superb attacking rugby. A mixture of both forward power and backs pace we tore them apart and scored some excellent tries.

Two special mentions:

1) A big thank you needs to go to Jon Blowers who spent hours looking for a game when chess valley cancelled on us and also getting a home game against old streetonias. So next time you see him, please buy him a beer or 2 as he has been fantastic this year and helped us out a lot!

2) As the game had been moved to a home fixture we did not have a referee. Hobo stepped up and actually had a fantastic game (did I really just say that?) He was mobile, in good positions and refereed very fairly. What I am struggling to understand is why when he is playing a match he is not mobile, in a good position or saying anything that doesn’t include a swear word at the referee! Either way, beer for hobo when you see him please

So thank you to both of you as without it we would not have been able to play!

Oh and another special ‘needs’ mention goes to Burnzy :) Man of the match and he just keeps getting better.

This weekend we do not have a game as we have our game against Ickenham the following week. It is crucial that everyone comes to the training session on Saturday at 2pm so we can train in the light and get a full session in. We need everyone to attend whether you are around for the Ickenham game or not. We are at the business end of our season and promotion is guaranteed if we win both our games. We also have a chance to win the title, but we need to have a cracking 2 weeks of training to be ready for Ickenham.

See you at training on Thursday as usual


Afternoon all

As you know, our awards dinner is only 5 weeks away! So please make sure you get your suits and dancing shoes ready. This year I will be changing the way we are doing awards.

An elite panel and I will decide on 3 players in each of the categories below and will release those names on March 21st. You will then have 1 week to cast your vote. If you miss this 1 week, your vote will not count as we will be getting the trophys made on that weekend.

See you at training tonight


Hi All

We are looking to defend our title at the Middlesex 7’s tournament in Richmond on the 1st May. Please can you accept/reject if you can play as soon as possible. I want to put 2 teams out but we will need to have 24 players. If we have any less we will only have 1 team and that means people who want to play may not get a game as the squad is only 12 players.

Woady is old.. Nuff said…

However.. lets celebrate with him at one of our favourite (and most contraversial.. shout out to muggins, all the chunder boys, memory loss crew, macarena aaron, g*y man snog team, the list goes on)….

On Saturday 20th March we will be heading out.. so get yourselves to the club early (as we are playing Harrow) and then get on it..


Monday 1st February

Subject: Last weekend and the week coming

Afternoon all

Hope you are all well. This week we played Watford at home and won a fiercely competitive game 25-14 (5 tries… no conversions Paul). We started at a snail’s pace and were on the back foot for the first 10 mins but our defence held out. To be honest that was the story of the first half, very bitty, scrappy and pretty dull and we had to improve.

The second half we picked the game up a bit and showed what we could do in broken play by scoring tries from deep inside our own half. Something we need to do is play more as a team as opposed to individuals as when we play as a team, we will tear teams apart.

A quick mention to Lee who made his debut at loose head and also the Harrow boys coops and Dom! Well done to all 3 of you, each contributing to the teams win.

And final special (needs) mention (I can’t believe I am saying this) to Byrnsy who had a blinder and was our man of the match. His all round game was brilliant and I hope to see more moving forward.

If you haven’t seen the league, we are 1 point off top spot which is excellent as our destiny is in our own hands. This weekend we have a home match against Old Tottonians. Last time we played over there we were very poor, so this time let’s show them who the real Pinner are.

Training this week is on Thursday at 7pm as usual, so make sure you are there and on time.


“Training” on Thursday, February 4 at 7:00pm.

Event: Training
What: Sports Practice
Start Time: Thursday, February 4 at 7:00pm
End Time: Thursday, February 4 at 9:00pm

“Pinner v Old Totts” on Saturday, February 6 at 12:30pm. KO 2pm

Event: Pinner v Old Totts
What: Sporting Event
Start Time: Saturday, February 6 at 12:30pm
End Time: Saturday, February 6 at 6:30pm

Training is as usual at 7pm this week as usual but we will see some natural light!! Scary I know.. So make sure you get yourselves down. This will be one of the last training sessions of the season as we completely finish at the end of April!

If you are playing this weekend, I will see you there and if not, why not come down and support. Kick off is at 3pm and the bar is fully stocked.