London Scottish Ex B’s Vs Pinner 1s

With the season end looming, this weekend’s fixture saw London Scottish Ex B’s host a top table clash to Pinner 1st XV, where both teams were fighting for league dominance. With a loss already to the Scottish, this was a game the Pinner boys were eager to win.

The game began at a great pace and the first five minutes saw London Scottish dominate possession and territory. Utilising the pace in their backline Scottish hit Pinner’s defiant defence again and again, but fortunately, nothing could break through. As their attacking line began to tire, Pinner’s confidence grew, regaining possession and quickly taking some territory of their own. It was here London Scottish made their first mistake, costing them a penalty, that scrum-half Ben Solomon comfortably converted.

Pinner continued in good spirit, utilising the dominance of their forwards with some excellent carries from the likes of Tom ‘Cozzy’ Cosgrove and Andrew Alexander, allowing them to remain camped in the opponents half. As the pressure built on London Scottish so did their penalty tally. Another penalty was awarded, allowing Ben to nudge it nicely for a Pinner lineout, only metres from the opponents try line. A great throw from Rob Steel landed in a teammate’s hands, ready to be driven over the opposition’s try line. Scottish were reluctant to concede so easily, but a final push from Brian O‘Malley gave Pinner the first try of the game. The first half remained lively, with another try coming shortly after from Pinner’s number eight, Andrew Alexander. However, despite Pinner’s best efforts to contain London Scottish, who had remained positive throughout the half, they eventually clawed back a try before half time.

Going into the second half London Scottish had upped their game, showing signs of the same form they had displayed in the early embers of the first. Within the first ten minutes, Scottish were able to break through some lacklustre defending from Pinner’s back line to get themselves another try, which was followed shortly by a third, putting the score to 15-13. Unfortunately, it didn’t get any better for Pinner after a questionable attempt to piggyback the opposing player resulted in a yellow card for their full back Tom Morahan.

Despite being a player down Pinner battled on and was able to prevent London Scottish from capitalising on any of their chances.

As time ticked ever closer to the final whistle, confidence grew again in the Pinner ranks, forcing Scottish to give away a few more costly penalties, one no more important than the last. Twenty-two metres from the opposing try line, Pinner were awarded a penalty. With only two points between the sides, Pinner opted for the kick. With very few stepping forward, the first try scorer Brian O’Malley took it upon himself to volunteer his boot for the last kick of the game. Brain set the ball carefully on the tee and took his shot but, agonisingly for Pinner the ball hit the post and the opportunity to win the game was gone.

Final score 15 – 13, so despite two hard-fought games, London Scottish had walked away with two wins and Pinner were left rueing some ill discipline and hard luck.