Barnet 2s Vs Pinner 2s

I am the above-named person and the statement relates to a game of Rugby union between Pinner 2’s and the hosts Barnet Elizabethans 2’s, but somewhat mixed squad.

On Saturday 4th February at 1200 hours, Pinner began to arrive at the hosts ground. It soon became apparent Barnet were ready for a good game of rugby. This can be evidenced by the fact they were on the pitch training.

An allegation was made that Pinner was not ready for a 1300 hours kick off. This was completely unfounded. By 1256 hours Pinner had all 16 players warming up vigorously.

The friendly fixture was kicked off by Barnet. The game started with most attacking play coming from the hosts, however, the visitors were holding their own in impressive fashion. Pinner was not here to be walked all over. A dominant away pack pushed Barnet off the first scrum with dominance.

The first two tries did, however, go to Barnet in the first half. This was shortly followed by an Aaron try, converted by No. 9 Freddy. Pinner went into the second half with a positive attitude. This was not a team being dominated. This was reiterated by the observing 1st captain Dan. Pinner’s disadvantage was being caused by errors in the breakdown, resulting in Barnet capitalising on the referee penalising these mistakes.

The second half was impressive, with much higher intensity. After some time, another try was scored by the hosts. The reply was a big one with a long stretch of Pinners forwards battering away at the defence relentlessly. The ground was being made slowly, with repeated crash ball being secured with confidence. The ball would often be given out to out backs, but this was not a welcome break to the Barnet when they’d rearrange to have the likes of Aaron and Owen at number twelve (12) bearing down on them after the consistent good ball from Freddy. This paid off with an Owen (debut?) try.

The rest of the half went by mainly without errors. However, one image viewed by all as far as the distant clubhouse was Captain, Muggins being held, high in the air during a line out (won) for approximately fifteen (15) seconds for no apparent reason, resulting in a penalty to Barnet which was gladly kicked for the safety of the sidelines. A sense of relief was felt to see our own Clyde at Eleven (11), triumphantly catching the ball and falling off the pitch with it, in a nearly impressive balancing act.

A final score over the line to the hosts in questionable fashions scored, with two clear knock-ons preceded on the way. This incident has sixteen (16) independent witnesses with no connection to Pinner RFC. Forensics pending.

Pinner had many players out of position and relied on everyone chipping in, including club Coach Nick Dejong and son Daniel visiting from Wales, soon to be a regular.

Barnet Twenty Two (22) – Pinner Twelve (12), final score.

A largely enjoyable game despite the result. Pinner walked away in high spirits after playing the game with complete positive attitude. That is other than team motivator, Rob who decided to take a neck injury last play of the game, quickly remedied with a club house pint. This report may have discrepancies due to intoxicating liquor.