Under 9’s

Under 9’s Coaches 2012-13 season

We welcome all players of all abilities to our club

All players are welcome to come and play rugby with us.

Has Saracens RFC mascot 'Sarrie' met his match?

Alternatively come down to the club on Sunday mornings at 10.00am and give it a go!!

(please be on the field at 9.55am ready to start promptly at 10am)

Training times:

Sunday 10am – 12pm

Pinner rugby Club

Shaftesbury Playing Fields,

Grimsdyke Rd,



HA5 4PW (Link)

below are a number of images of us having fun, playing rugby during training sessions, at festivals, on tour and a heap of other things, enjoy

The Laws for Under 9’s

  • 9 a-side – 3 forwards, 6 backs. Match squads of 12 players.
  • Mini rugby with an introduction of full contact.
  • Size 3 rugby ball.
  • Maximum pitch size is 60 metres x 35 metres plus 5 metres for each in-goal area.
  • 15 minutes each way – no longer than 30 minutes.
  • Scrum – 3 player front row, uncontested scrum (no pushing permitted and the ball be won by team putting in).
  • Offside line (Scrum) – All opposing backs except for scrum half 7 metres behind scrum. Scrum half behind hindmost foot of scrum until the ball is out.
  • Lineouts are uncontested. The lineout is made up of two players from each team, plus the player throwing the ball in and an immediate opponent, who must stand within the 2 metre area, and one player from either side in a position to receive the ball (ie. Scrum half). Both the thrower-in and his immediate opponent are able to take an active role in the game as soon as the ball has been touched by one of the players in the lineout.
  • Free pass restart at kick off, infringement, ball in touch. At a free start, the starter cannot run with the ball and the receiving player can not run from more than 2 metres behind the passer. Opponents 7 metres away on line parallel to goal line.
  • No Kicking or fly hacking (kicking a loose ball on the ground).
  • No hand offs, fend offs, scrag tackles or barging.
  • Maximum of 12 fixtures and not more than 3 festivals.
  • Tackling is a skill that needs to be taught and must be introduced progressively as shown in the current RFU Coaching Course materials.
  • For safety reasons coaches and referees must check that studs and other approved clothing are in accordance with the laws of the game.
  • Mouthguards and shin pads mandatory.
  • No under 7 or under 8 child may play with under 9 children or above in any circumstances.
  • Under 9s and under 10s may play together, utilising the under 9 mini contact format. No under 9s may play with under 11s or above in any circumstances.