Under 7’s 8’s

Under 7’s 8’s Coaches 2012-13  season

We welcome all players of all abilities to our club

All players are welcome to come and play rugby with us.

One day we will be as tall as this trophy!

Alternatively come down to the club on Sunday mornings at 10.00am and give it a go!!

(please be on the field at 9.55am ready to start promptly at 10am)

Training times:

Sunday 10am – 12pm

Pinner rugby Club

Shaftesbury Playing Fields,

Grimsdyke Rd,



HA5 4PW (Link)

Andy Nash andy-nash@hotmail.co.uk

Richard Evans: richardevansgb@yahoo.co.uk

As a club we have introduced the RFC Proficiency Awards

The under 7s & 8s will be able to gain RFU Certificates for the Introduction to Rugby Award during our training sessions

please have a look at what we get up to during training, festivals, matches and so much more, enjoy

The laws for Under 7’s & 8s

  • Play games with small numbers, no more than seven players and not less than five players.
  • Match squads of 10.
  • Mini Tag Rugby.
  • Size 3 rugby ball.
  • Maximum pitch size is 40 metres x 30 metres, plus 2 metres for each in-goal area.
  • 10 minutes each way – Game no longer than 20 minutes.
  • Passes may be sideways or backwards through the air.
  • Free pass restart, opponents 7 metres away on line parallel to goal line.
  • No scrum.
  • No lineout.
  • No kicking.
  • A tackle – a ‘tag’ – is made by removal of one of the two tags from the ball carriers belt.
  • The tagged player must pass the ball to a team mate.
  • The tagger must stop running and wait for the tagged player to reclaim their tag before re-joining the game.
  • No hand offs, fend offs or barging.
  • Under 7s and under 8s may play together, utilising the Mini Tag format.
  • No under 7 or under 8 child may play with under 9 children or above in any circumstances.
  • Under 7 players must be limited to playing in not more than 12 fixtures and 3 festivals / tournaments per season.
  • Mouthguards, shin pads are mandatory.
  • Checking of studs at regular intervals.
  • On match days, a coaching session lasting no longer than 60 minutes with the addition of no more than 20 minutes devoted to match play against outside opposition is mandatory.
  • All matches must be used as an extension of the coaching session, with the emphasis being on the quality of performance rather than the result.