Player Awards


2012-2013 Season

Captains Shield: Mark Razzell

JPR Williams Endeavour Shield: Ross Lawrence

Most Improved Player: Phil Bristow

Best Newcomer: Ray Conboy

Best Young Player of the Year: John Kirby

Players Player of the Season: Dave Logan

Youth Section U13s

Most Improved Player of the Season: Louis George

Coaches Player of the Season: Joseph Burling

Players Player of the Season: Freddy Hart

Other Awards went to the following:

Most injured: Jacob Talbot

Best butter fingers: George Tillett

Most Dramatic: Brandon Cotter

Tackle bag killer (mainly in training!) Thomas Barkshire

Most Committed: Dominic Boyden

Most Slippery member of the team: Kai Gordon

Thinks he’s a pretty boy!: Arthur Garvey

Most valuable player: Ryan Healy

Best Justin Bieber Impression: Charlie Gascoine

Most Inspirational use of the National Health System: Taylor Goodman

Biggest Hair: Dylan Kelly

Mini Section

Under 6s/Under 7s

Players Player: Josh Luiz

Most Improved: Raahan Mehta

Under 8s

Players Player:  Connor Walker

Most Improved:  Thomas Hill

Coaches Player: Daniel Sylvester

Under 9s

Players Player: Asher Woldman

Most Improved: Jan Maguire

Coaches Player: Jonathan Nye

Under 10s

Players Player: Harry Shaw

Most Improved: Daniel Walker

Coaches Player: Luke Selby

Under 11s

Players Player: Jameel Seidel

Most Improved: Ibrahim Khurshid

Coaches Player: Jameel Seidel

Under 12s

Players Player: Josh Maloney

Most Improved: Mike Murphy

Coaches Player: Josh Maloney

Chairman’s Award:

Awarded to Calum St John

2011-12 Season

Best Player Martin Goodwin

Best Newcomer Richard Southam

Most Improved Player Sam Markham

Best Young Player Aaron Nicholas

Burnzy Award’ Dale Hirst

The Captain’s Shield was presented by Reza Sibilant to the Club Hon Secretary Robin Greenwood to recognise the support that he had given to the team during the past year.

The JPR Williams Endeavour Shield was presented by the 2010-11 recipient Les Chaffe to Brad Seiler for not only being the administrator and fixture secretary for both the youth section and the Pelicans XV but for providing the after match BBQ each week.

Club Colours were presented to Craig Lane for consistently good playing performances over several seasons and for helping with the coaching of the U15 team.

Mini Section

Under 6s

Players Player: James Evans

Most Improved: Leo Daines

Coaches Player:  Josh Luiz

Under 7s

Players Player: Thomas Hill

Most Improved: James Dawson

Coaches Player: Vivek Ambasna

Under 8s

Players Player: Jonathon Nye

Most Improved: Asher Woldman

Coaches Player: Jan Maguire

Under 9s

Players Player: Luke Selby

Most Improved: Jack Grey

Coaches Player: Maxwell Fullerton

Under 10s

Players Player: Mani Lee

Most Improved: Jameel Seidel

Coaches Player: Calum St John

Under 11s

Players Player: Josh Maloney

Most Improved: Joseph Edgar

Coaches Player: Joseph Holden

Under 12s

Players Player: Kai Gordon

Most Improved: Marc Souster

Coaches Player: Freddy Hart

Chairman’s Award:

Nominees – Leo Daines, Conner Walker, Jude Jackson, Reece Connolly, Calum St John, Cameron Fox, Findlay Schofield

Awarded to

Reece Connolly


2010-11 Season

Best newcomer: Stuart Cooper

Best overseas player: David Luiz

Young player of the season: Alex Goring

Most improved player: Philip Bristow

Player of the season: Simon Whitcombe.

Captains Shield: Steve Woad

Club Colours: Neill King, Steve George, Jo Talbot, Paul Talbot

JPR Williams Endevour Award: Les Chaffe

‘Burnzy Award’: Neill ‘Bullet’ King

Top Try Scorer: Reza Sibilant

These awards were voted for by the players.

Reza Sibilant presented the Captain’s Shield to Steve Woad, a former Chairman and Captain, whose coaching had been inspirational in the success of the 1st XV

Club Colours were awarded by the President to Neill King for long service to the 1st XV, to Steve George Chairman of the Mini section, to Jo Talbot for dedicated administration of the Mini section and to her husband Paul for his work as a coach to the mini’s, as the club photographer and for maintaining the acclaimed P&G Web-site.

In keeping with Club tradition the JPR Williams Endeavour Shield was presented by Jo Talbot, the previous recipient, to Les Chaffe for his considerable efforts in raising and captaining the Pelicans XV, in running the Mini academy for 3 -5 year olds and support of the mini rugby.

Mini & Youth Sections

The Chairman’s Award: Maisie Balkin

Nominees: Craig Dungate, Louis George, James Evans, George Page, Maisie Balkin

Under 7s

Players Player Jan Maguire

Most Improved Asher Woldman

Coaches Player Jonathan Nye

Under 8s

Players Player Maxwell Fullerton

Most Improved Reece Connolly

Coaches Player Luke Sealby

Under 9s

Players Player Josh Beresford Smart

Most Improved Callum St John

Coaches Player Josh Beresford Smart

Under 10s

Players Player James Nye

Most Improved Cameron Fox

Coaches Player Josh Parker-Brice

Under 11s

Players Player Jacob Talbot

Most Improved Ryan Healy

Coaches Player Kai Gordon

Under 12s

Players Player Tomas Rycroft-Davies

Most Improved Matthew Beresford Smart

Coaches Player Jake Larman

Youth Awards

Coaches player Jamie Benavides

Most improved David Wilkinson

Best newcomer Adriaan Viljoen

Players player Jamie Benavides

Managers player Jonathan Hill

Clubman cash prize Dominic Seiler

2009-10 Season


Players of the Season: Martin Goodwin and Warren Woad who received equal votes

Most Improved Player: James Byrne

Best Newcomer: Lee Seiler who also coaches the U13 team

Best Overseas Player:Craig Lane

Club Colours: Lindsey Browne,  Bernie Richter and Martin Goodwin

The Captain’s Shield:  Paul Talbot

JPR Williams Shield for Endeavour: Jo Talbot

‘Burnzy Award’: Mark Razzell

Top Try Scorer: Reza Sibilant